Piemonte DOCG 2016

Piemonte DOCG 2016

There are 17 Piedmont provinces that are the most DOCG certified in Italy now!
Piemonte is one of the two most famous regions in Italy for wine (the other is Tuscany). The best-known wines from the region include Barolo and Barbaresco. They are made from the Nebbiolo grape.The Piedmont produces more DOCG wines by volume than any other Italian wine region.

Piemonte DOCG Lists 17

Asti / Moscato d’Asti
Varieties / Grapes: Moscato Bianco 100%
Sharma method / Metodo Charmat

Alta Langa
White, Sparkling, Rosé (White, Sparkling, Rose)
Varieties (Grapes): Pinonero, Chardonney,
Secondary fermentation in a bottle (Metodo Classico)

Barbera d’Asti
Varieties / Grapes: Barbera

Brachetto d’Acqui
Varieties / Grapes: Brachetto
Red, red sparkling

Barbera del Monferrato Superiore
Varieties / Grapes: Barbera

Ruchè di castagnole Monferrato
Varieties / Grapes: Ruchè

Erbaluce in Caluso
Varieties / Grapes: Erbaluce

Varieties / Grapes: White (W) Arneis Red (R) Nebbiolo
Red, Riserva, White, Spumante

Varieties / Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Aging period / Aging: 3years / Riserva 5years

Varieties / Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Aging period / Aging: 2 years (years) / Riserva 4 years
Varieties / Grapes: Nebbiolo 90%
Aging period / Aging: 37 months (months) – Riserva 49 months m

⑫ Dolchetto di diano d’Alba
Varieties / Grapes: Dolchetto 100%
Aging period / Aging: 18months

Dolchetto di ovada superiore
Varieties / Grapes: Dolcetto 100%

⑭ Dogliani
Varieties / Grapes :: Dolcetto 100%

⑮ Gavi
Category / Grapes: Cortese 100%

⑯ Ghemme
Varieties / Grapes: Nebbiolo 75%

Varieties / Grapes: Barbera 100%

If you are not sure how to choose a wine, why don’tt you try  from DOCG first?


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