Made in Japan, with an Italian heart and
citizen of the World. Ever since I can
remember, traveling has been a part of me.
I have always been the type of person who is
interested in exploring new places,
craving for knowledge, willing to discover
the new possibility in life.

After I moved to Italy, my husband took me
to see Barolo where one of the greatest wines
are born. And I fell in love with the beautiful
vineyards in Piedmont at the first sight,
also the concept of Italian Wine.

The sun, the earth, and the wind, etc. This organic
natural environment produces great wine.

It seems simple but deep wine world
just opened my new way of curiosity.
Travel and Wine are my passion.
Hope you enjoy this blog and join my adventure.



-Founder of ASMWINE.
-Certified Sommelier AIS
-Miss Universe Japan 2009 Finalist